Performance based rewards scheme

With the blockchain market exploding, traffic costs are at a premium. With us, you won’t pay for the traffic you receive, only the traffic that converts. That means you only pay when visitors become leads or sales.

Create your offers

We offer a variety of offer types, allowing you to reward affiliates for pushing your goals.

CPL: Cost Per Lead
Looking to reward affiliates for sending you leads that you can then convert? Use our CPL model and only pay for visitors that become leads.

CPA: Cost Per Acquisition
Only want to reward affiliates when their traffic turns into a viable conversion? Using the CPA model, you only pay for a conversion or sale.

CPS: Cost Per Sale
Reward affiliates with a percentage of the revenue they generate through your offers

How it Works

1. Register on our System as an Advertiser

2. We will contact you to discuss your needs

3. We will create your offers

4. You install the tracking pixel on your site

5. Affiliates take your offer and advertise it

6. Get Traffic and Sales

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What we offer

Pay for Performance

We only work on pay for performance models. This means you only pay affiliates when their traffic turns into viable customers for your business.

Private Offers

The system allows for the creation of private offers that are only available to chosen affiliates. This allows you to offer better deals to performing affiliates, encouraging them to increase the traffic they send you.


Our advanced technology incorporates anti-fraud features, which allow us to detect affiliates using traffic sources that are generating fake conversions.

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