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Our unique affiliate network platform allows you to turn your traffic into earnings, whether it is for financial services, ICOs or even general eCommerce. We have a wide range of advertisers operating across a broad spectrum of verticals.

Revenue streams

Multiple offers = multiple ways to monetise your traffic

CPL: Cost Per Lead
Get Paid for every lead your traffic generates

CPA: Cost Per Acquisition
Get paid for every customer you refer

CPS: Cost Per Sale
Earn a percentage of the sales revenue you generate

How it works

1. Register as an affiliate

2. Browse through the offers from our advertisers

3. Pick the offers best suited to your audience

4. Install our tracking links on your sites

5. Start Sending Traffic

6. Make Money

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What we offer affiliates


To ensure we offer maximum coverage for the entire sector, our system is designed to get the best possible affiliate offers from projects throughout the blockchain industry. The offers in our system range from ICOs to blockchain based online stores. The types of advertisers using our system include:

  • Initial Coin Offerings
  • Crypto Wallets
  • Crypto Brokers
  • Crypto Exchanges
  • Payment Services Providers
  • Education Platforms
  • eCommerce
  • Events


We offer affiliates prompt monthly pay-outs using the following withdrawal methods

  • FIAT: Bank Wire, PayPal
  • Crypto: BTC, ETH

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